Risk warning: Your capital is at risk. Exinity Limited is regulated by FSC.
Risk warning: Your capital is at risk. Exinity Limited is regulated by FSC.

Online Stock Trading

Get on board with an experienced, trustworthy broker and trade the exciting stock market with Alpari International.

All over the world, stock traders are profiting from increases in the value of companies. This activity itself raises the value of company stocks. Many investors will hold stocks for stretches of time so that they benefit from the long-term movements of equity and the stock market. Don’t get too carried away though because losses are possible too.

When you decide to stock trade with Alpari International, you get access to direct liquidity pricing with up-to-the-minute data direct from the world’s biggest stock exchanges – NYSE and NASDAQ.

Make your choice from a range of major company stocks:

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Stocks from big tech companies like Alphabet, Apple and Facebook are offered by Alpari International, and are regarded as the best performing technology stocks from the NASDAQ stock exchange. Stocks like these are also known as ‘growth stocks’ – because as tech develops, new products are created, released and upgraded. Investors who trade these types of stocks with Alpari International have a greater chance to yield a bigger profit as demand for these products is expected to continue into the foreseeable future.

Stock Trading vs Stock CFD Trading

If investors want to trade the movements of the stock market, they will normally use stock trading or stock CFD trading to do so. Traders investing in stocks directly own the underlying stock, which is a percentage of the company they invest in. But with stock CFD trading, traders will buy a contract between them and the broker which will speculate the stock’s entry and exit value. This means stock CFD traders can profit from the asset’s movement without actually owning it, and stock traders will plan to benefit from the value of the share that they own over a period of time.

Why Trade Stocks?

There are a number of reasons why trading stocks can be a brilliant investment idea. These include:

No time limits – this could suit an investor with long-term strategies, as stocks can be held on to for an indefinite period of time and potentially maximise profits thanks to long-term trends.
Diversification – because stocks move independently of other types of investments, they can hold massive value and be a great source of diversification in a trader’s portfolio. So if there are losses on other instruments, stock trading may be a valuable alternative.
Introduce risk – as well as being used for long-term investment strategies, stock trading can also act as a source for potential short-term, quick profits and introduce risk into a trader’s portfolio. Of course, with any type of trading, short-term losses are equally possible.

Stock Trading Conditions

Alpari International’s ECN MT5 Account allows you to trade stocks exclusively. Our ECN MT5 Account has been created for top traders like institutional traders or hedge fund managers. We’ve made sure that you have all the tools needed to trade the way you want without any commissions, requotes or compromises.


Spreads on stocks start from 0 pips. Alpari International Pro traders can benefit from institutional-level spreads by keeping their account balance at a minimum of 250,000 EUR/GBP/USD. Depending on market conditions, spreads may increase at certain parts of the day.

Market Execution

Come on board with Alpari International and experience lightning-fast execution. The overall execution of orders when trading stocks happens in an instant. So when a stock is priced directly from the market, traders of all strategy types can receive results within a fraction of a second.

Lot Sizes

We have a lot sized to suit your trading style – whether it’s mini, macro or standard. When you trade stocks with Alpari International, you can trade between a minimum volume of 0.01 lots per trade, and a maximum volume of 250 lots per trade.

Why join Alpari International to trade stocks?

Regulated and licensed across the world
Alpari International is globally regulated and licensed under the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius.
Secure and safe
We keep your funds safely in segregated accounts.
Multi-lingual support
Alpari International offers support in over 30 languages.
Wide Range of Trading Instruments
Trade Forex, Spot Metals and CFDs.

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