Risk warning: Your capital is at risk. Exinity Limited is regulated by FSC.
Risk warning: Your capital is at risk. Exinity Limited is regulated by FSC.

How Alpari CopyTrade works


Alpari CopyTrade allows you to copy the trading positions of another trader, called the Strategy Manager. The beauty is that you don’t need any advanced knowledge of forex trading to get started. These Strategy Managers usually have a wealth of experience in the markets, with tried-and-tested strategic trading decisions. Once you decide whom to follow, they do the trading that could lead to potential increases in your capital.

Let’s say you invest $1000. You start following and copying the trades of a Strategy Manager who makes a $200 profit on his next successful trade. Through Alpari CopyTrade’s system, the Strategy Manager earns an extra 10% of this profit, while you add $180 to your initial investment for a total of $1180. Without as much as lifting a finger, you’ve earned a tidy sum. Not bad, right?

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No need for any advanced forex trading experience or deep knowledge

Stay in control

You choose the most suitable Strategy Manager for you and how much you want to invest

Safe and secure

Your account is only visible to you and is completely protected

Up-to-the-minute updates

Monitor your account in real-time

Accessible from anywhere

Stay connected on our website or wherever you are in the world

Easy to manage

Manage your funds the way you want to – withdraw, invest and pay your Strategy Manager only if you profit

While past Strategy Manager results do not guarantee future returns, and the likelihood for losses is always present, the key is that everyone has the possibility to profit from Alpari CopyTrade.

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Top 3 Strategy Managers



Return Rate:662.50%
Risk Level:Conservative


Return Rate:1057.74%
Risk Level:Moderate


Return Rate:580.22%
Risk Level:Moderate
If an Investor had invested $1000 in CapitalFirst at the day of its creation, the total profit to date would be $4703.75.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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