Risk warning: Your capital is at risk. Exinity Limited is regulated by FSC.
Risk warning: Your capital is at risk. Exinity Limited is regulated by FSC.

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Strategy using automated EA to trade across 10 pairs (upto). Aim is for low risk and steady profit (5-6%) a month. If you want 30% to 40% a month and huge draw down or high burn out risk, this isn't for you. Recommend starting with 2k but lower is fine also. Slow and Steady is the key, hope you agree!

By Strategy manager
18 months in.....172% return!
Robots are working extremely well in the hostile market conditions. Seems to be pulling in around 8-9% per month. There have been some larger draw downs -seem to be every 3 months at the moment but the robots recover. Let's hope for more of the same over the next 6 months. Slow and Steady is the key, hope you agree!
By Strategy manager
86% profit after 9 months!
EAs are performing better than the guide I placed. Was expecting 5-6 % but they are actually coming in around 8-9% a month. Thats a great return and so should hit 100% profit by end of February at this rate. The EAs are off now till the New Year as the holiday period is always a bit volatile with big swings. I will turn them on again on the 3rd January. Hope all my investors have a great Xmas break and a very prosperous New Year! Keep it nice and steady!
By Strategy manager
Apologies to my Investors
Hi, Apologies for this week. The VPS provider that I use to run the EA's went down whilst trades were active and it took them 24 hours to recover and so I could get access again. Whilst this wouldn't normally matter, it coincided with the US news day and gold taking a 2% dive in a matter of hours. Therefore the orphaned active trades went into a large loss. I have spent the last two days recovering the EAs and the losses and the final outcome is a 4% loss from Monday's close. That should hopefully be made up in the next week or 2. Again apologises for this and thanks to those investors who stayed in whilst I recovered the losses. I will still provide my 3 month update at the end of December
By Strategy manager
50% Profit after 6 months
Wow, never expected to get to 50% so quickly. Initial aim was 4-5% per month but averaging around 7%. Drawdown has been minimal, 2-3% and even then the drawdown only last for a day or two. Many thanks to those investors that have join me on the journey over the past 3 months. It is really appreciated. So onto the next 3 month in the run up to Xmas, lets hope for more of the same. Keep it nice and steady!
By Strategy manager
Wow, Great 3 months trading
3 months in and what a great 3 months it's been. 5.4%, 6.6% and 6% monthly gains all smashed the 4-5% guide I was looking for. Apart from the initial setup drawdown of 8%, the drawdown since has been minimal (2-3%) at any one time. So what will the next 3 months bring? Hope you join the journey with me. Keep it nice and steady!
By Strategy manager
1st Month - Target hit
Not bad for the 1st month. Monthly return was at the upper end of the forecast of 4-5% so got to be happy with that. Will comment again at end of month 3 and then every 3 months after that. Keep it nice and steady!
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Average Daily Win+0.90%
Unprofitable Days75
Average Daily Loss -2.01%
Average Daily Rate +0.51 %


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