Risk warning: Your capital is at risk. Exinity Limited is regulated by FSC.
Risk warning: Your capital is at risk. Exinity Limited is regulated by FSC.

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StablePro-Med uses a EA trading bot. The bot looks at previous levels of resistance and assesses the current market data to find a favorable position to take within the market. It does not hedge any position due to the nature of the techniques it uses but always assigns stop losses and take profits for each trade. On a stop loss hit the bot adjusts itself into a recover mode for that trading pair and will adjust the algorithm in order to provide greater capital recovery. It has been back tested across 3 years on most of the major FX pairs yielding positive returns in every instance. While the account is solely run by the EA trading bot I actively watch over the account ensuring ongoing trades are algorithmically sound. Changes or information will be available through the news section.

By Strategy manager
Strategy dialled in
All, thank you for your support. The strategy seems to be running smoothly over past couple of months once some tweaks were made. Unless there is any major issues occurring this strategy will remain in place with the current pairs and risk tolerance for the forseable future. I will commence building the higher risk account which you will be able to find after 3-6months of testing and 'proving' period
By Strategy manager
Changes to Account (Update)
NZD - USD has been added as its showing pretty good performance in Stable Pro - Low. While the EA is performing as intended. I have commenced dynamic settings using a Sliding scale for all the pairs based on historical results. This will effect both recovery aggression and entered positions, the aim is to reduce the risk of low performing pairs and boost the risk and possible reward of high performing pairs. The overall change to capital risk should be minimal.
By Strategy manager
Review adjustments
USD - JPY is not performing as well as anticipated. Is being replaced with the current pairs: GBP - USD EUR - AUD EUR - GBP GBP - AUD Using 4 is simply an account ramp-up. A note: i am also watching USD - CHF it is proving to be somewhat troublesome. A review in around a months time will reveal if this pair stays within the EA bots program
By Strategy manager
Recovery Settings
I have adjusted the recovery algorithm (as of 03.07.2021) to increase the recovery trade values (From a factor of 0.5 to 0.8). Which will increase capital risk on recovery trades by an additional 10-12% however due to the low capital draw nature of trading system the increase in risk is acceptable
By Strategy manager
New pairs trading
In line with account ramp up stage. Current pairs added: EUR-USD USD-JPY AUD-USD USH-CHF
Week1 month3 monthsOverall
15.98 %40.63 %151.23 %461.82 %


Total Trading Days312
Profitable Days194
Average Daily Win+3.66%
Unprofitable Days118
Average Daily Loss -3.95%
Average Daily Rate +1.48 %


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Minimum deposit100$

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