Advertencia de riesgos: Tu capital está en riesgo. Exinity Limited es una empresa regulada por la FSC.
Advertencia de riesgos: Tu capital está en riesgo. Exinity Limited es una empresa regulada por la FSC.

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General introduction This is a comprehensive strategy, using EA. In order to improve revenue, this strategy manager has integrated two types of strategies: Trend and shock. The trend strategy holds some midline position, sometimes for more than one month. (design of monthly withdrawal) the shock strategy is intraday trading, usually taking profits within the day. Safely subscribe, we have many years of trading experience and original EA designers. Follow advice 1.The minimum deposit is $200 2.It is not recommended to stop following when the account is at floating loss (not real loss). 3.It is suggested that withdrawal the profit should on a monthly basis. 4.Use protection level with send information by email option (do not using pause option)

Por Br_Alexander
To investors 2021.2.20
Dear investors: Wait patiently,our positions closed this month are profitable. Don't worry. At present, holding the middle line, floating loss is a normal thing. At the same time, the drawdown of Return Chart is floating, not a real loss. Wait patiently, the position is controlled reasonably, the risk is controllable, and the drawdown is controllable. Jumping off in the middle of the road will lead to a loss.Patiently waiting for the profit of the middle line position, the drawdown of Return Chart is floating is not real loss, it is just floating.
Por Br_Alexander
Hello 2021
In the next 2021, in order to improve profits more safely, we will make the following two adjustments: First, we will increase the proportion of midline positions, which can bring greater returns and lower drawdown. Of course, the holding time will be longer. (design of monthly withdrawal) Second, we will keep but reduce the short-term and high-frequency positions and strive for a little profit every day. (design of weekly withdrawal)
Por Br_Alexander
Goodbye 2020
Dear investors: Goodbye 2020 Why do we say"goodbye 2020"now?Because our symbol AUDCAD ended only yesterday and landed safely through the efforts of our team.Our profit returned to 476.80% (January 16, 2021) Since December 6 last year, we started to build a position in AUDCAD, which has been in a unilateral bull market, making our shock strategy in a passive state. (As a result, the maximum Drawdown of our floating reached 34.91%)Nevertheless, our team managed to get off the car successfully through hedging. So please rest assured that your funds is safe, but it needs a little patience. Please pay attention to our investors: 1. Don't jump off the car, especially stop tracking when floating loss, which will lead to loss. 2. Give our strategy enough patience, hold it for more than one month, and then evaluate whether it can bring you real profits. Don't stare at account fluctuations every day, it's meaningless.
Por Br_Alexander
The strategy added some long-term positions.
The strategy increases some midline positions, which will last for a long time. It is not recommended that investors stop following in the middle to avoid losses. If you are really in a hurry, you can wait for floating profits to stop, but you can't get the profits later.
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