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How Do Binary Options Work?

Binary Options are fixed-cost financial instruments with pre-set payouts. Start by choosing a financial instrument and indicating the investment amount. After making your selections, all you have to do is make a forecast as to which way the price will move. Make a correct forecast and you will receive the amount indicated, but if your forecast turns out to be incorrect, you only risk the cost of the Binary Option.

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Why Binary Options?

It's Simple

You can make trades using just two buttons: CALL and PUT. There's an automatic calculation of your potential profit as well as other parameters to make your work easy.

It's Convenient

Your potential profit is calculated by the platform before you make your trade. Your return depends only on whether you make a correct forecast as to which direction the price moves and your investment amount.

Types of Binary Options

With popular currency pairs and spot metals to choose from, in addition to different trading strategies, you can individualize and optimize your trading.

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BinaryTrader Platform

Developed to be user-friendly and easy to use, the platform is web based, so you don’t need any special programs to start trading.

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Trading Terms

Before you open your position you can see exactly how much you stand to gain or lose right in the platform.

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How to Trade on the Platform

You have the opportunity to earn 100% of your invested funds in as little as a few minutes!

  • Choose the option type and base asset
  • Select which direction the price will move, up or down.
  • Indicate the investment amount and open the position.

Make Your First Trade Right Now

You can try trading Binary Options on the demo version of BinaryTrader. In a couple of clicks you can open your first trade for free, without registration! Trading binary options is simple – have a go for yourself and see how easy it is!

  • The indicated returns on binary options, as well as past returns, are no guarantee of future income.
  • The potential profit size of a binary option is variable and depends on the market situation. In thin or fast markets, trading conditions may be altered and some option types or time frames may be inaccessible.