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EUR/USD: Tuesday’s movements could look like Monday’s

On Monday, euro/dollar trading closed up. In the first half of the day the euro cheapened to 1.0707 dollars as part of a correction. After Trump spoke and the yield for US bonds fell, the price restored to 1.0772.

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EUR/USD: Europe against Asia

On Friday, 20th January in Washington, Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the USA. The euro restored from a minimum of 1.0625 to 1.0709. In his speech Trump promised to make changes to economic and national security. The euro rose with the growth in American bonds, although the currency should have fallen.

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EUR/USD: expected correction to 45 degrees

At their January meeting, the ECB left the three rates unchanged: the base reference rate at 0.0%, the rate for deposits at -0.40% and the ECB lending rate at 0.25%. The QE program was also left unchanged at 80 billion euros per month until March of this year and from April to December 2017 this figure will be set at 60 billion euros per month.

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EUR/USD: market awaits Draghi’s speech

On Wednesday the euro/dollar closed down. Before Yellen spoke the euro corrected to the balance line. Afterwards the euro dropped to 1.0624 dollars. The Fed chief announced that the regulator plans to lift the base interest rate several times before 2019. Furthermore, she declined to precise the times and amount by which the rates will be lifted. Yellen noted that the decisions to be taken will depend on the economic indicators in the US. As usual, she manoeuvred around any real indications. Nevertheless, the dollar rose after she spoke.

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EUR/USD: expected fall to the balance line

On Tuesday the euro/dollar closed up. The euro rose against the dollar by 1% to 1.0710 (session maximum fixed at 1.0720) and lost out by 2% against the pound, falling to 0.8626. The GBP rose against the dollar by almost 4 figures after the UK PM spoke.

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EUR/USD: European participants could counter Asian movement

On Monday the euro/dollar closed down. After a fall in the rate to 1.0579, the pair switched into a correctional phase. Market participant activeness and trading volumes during the American session were low due to it being Martin Luther King Day in the US. The price spent nine hours at 1.0600.

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EUR/USD: heading for the 90th degree

EUR/USD trades on Friday closed up. Due to a revival of the euro/pound cross, the buyers managed to raise the rate to 1.0673. After the publication of American stats the rate crumbled to 1.0596, covering the day’s growth. By trade close the price had bounced from the session minimum, but during Asian trading it returned back to it.

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EUR/USD: Bear divergence on the 8H

On Thursday the euro closed slightly up against the USD. The dollar was under pressure in the first half of the day, but was able to win back a large part of its losses in the second. The USD managed to head into the plus zone against the GBP after news about a planned announcement from UK PM May set for next Tuesday. She is set to speak about Brexit and this news caused a pound sell off throughout the market yesterday. Due to this, the euro/dollar traded for a few hours at around 1.0660, from where it fell to 1.0611 by the end of the day after the growth of the euro/pound ended.

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EUR/USD: Possible update of the maximum before a downward correction

On Wednesday the euro closed the day up against the dollar, despite the serious fall in the first half of the day. The euro rose 170 points after Trump’s press conference. During the Q and A session with journalists, relations with Russia and the country’s influence on the outcome of the elections dominated. Trump said nothing about his future plans for the economy. What he did say had a positive effect of state bonds, but a fall in their yield had already negatively affected the USD.

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EUR/USD: euro ready to return to 1.0610

On Tuesday the euro/dollar closed down. The weakening of the euro against the dollar was caused by a correctional phase for the euro/pound. The euro pound fell 98 points to 0.8665. The price corrected by 38.2% upwards from 0.8517 to 0.8763. The euro rate fell from a maximum of 1.0627 to 1.0556 (-71 points) against the dollar. In Asia the pair’s fall hastened to 1.0536.

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