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Why should I register for myAlpari?

myAlpari is your user-friendly management portal, providing complete control of your important trading business from one convenient location.

When you register for myAlpari, you get:

  • Complete access to all of the services offered by Alpari International.
  • The chance to open a live trading account.
  • Complete control over all of your Alpari International accounts.
  • The ability to change your trading settings.

Registration for myAlpari is simple, and takes just a couple of minutes.

Become a Client


  • Once you have completed the registration form, you will be sent an email containing your myAlpari number and password.
  • Some services will not be available until you provide us with the required accurate details and documentation.
How do I change my personal info (email, mobile number, etc.)?

To change any of the details that you provided during registration, go to myAlpari, and make your corrections in the section "Client Details".

How do I open a trading account with Alpari International, and why do I need one?

You can open a trading account from myAlpari. If you haven't yet registered for myAlpari, then you will need to do this first. Then:

  • Enter myAlpari, on the left hand menu – go to the section "Open Account".
  • Select the account type that you wish to open and your deposit currency. You can find a description of each account type to the right. You can also tick the check box to create an account at MQL5.community.
  • Once you happy that you have chosen the right account – click the button "Open Account".
  • Now you will be directed to the "Transfer Funds" page, where you will find the information about your new account. You will need this information to use the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, and also to contact us by phone. These details are also automatically sent to your email.
How can I change my password for myAlpari?
  • Go to the "Settings" – "Security and Privacy" section of myAlpari.
  • Enter your current myAlpari password, followed by your desired password.
  • A 4-digit code will be sent to your mobile phone or email address. Enter this code where indicated to confirm your identity and change your password.


  • Your new password must be at least 8 characters in length and contain uppercase Latin letters, lowercase Latin letters and numbers. Your password is case sensitive.
How do I recover my password for myAlpari?

You can request a new password for myAlpari. For this, you will need access to the mobile phone that is registered on your account. Go here, complete the required details and enter a new password.

If you don't have access to the phone you used when you registered, then you should complete the password recovery form, and send it us at financial@alpari.org. Once we have confirmed your identity, we will send you a new password by email.

Why can't I log in to myAlpari?

Here are the 2 most likely problems:

  1. Your Security Settings. Try turning off your firewall. If this doesn't help, try logging in from another computer.
  2. Incorrect Login Details. To enter myAlpari, use:
    • Your 8-digit myAlpari number or your registered email address.
    • The myAlpari password which we sent to your personal email address.
What documents should I provide for verification?

For verification purposes the following documents may be required:

  1. Proof of Legal Existence (PLE). A clear scanned copy of a valid (not expired) identification document, clearly showing your name, photograph, expiry date (where applicable) and any relevant information required to authenticate the document. This document can be a:
    • Valid Passport;
    • Valid National ID;
    • Valid PAN Card;
    • Valid Voters Card.
  2. Proof of Address. A clear scanned copy of an original document with a letterhead and/or stamp and signature, clearly showing your name, your residential address (not PO Box) and details of the issuer of the document. This document can be a:
    • Recent Electricity Bill;
    • Recent Water Bill;
    • Recent Phone Bill;
    • Recent Bank Statement / Credit Card Bill.

These documents can be uploaded in myAlpari from the "My Account" section.


  • Recent documents should be not more than 3 months old.
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