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FAQ about deposits via Bank Wire Transfer

You can wire funds to Alpari International's account from your personal bank account. Once the funds are deposited to our account, they will be posted to your account at Alpari International.


  1. Go to the "Transfer Funds" section of myAlpari to fill out a notice of deposit. Choose the bank through which you would like to make a payment, the account that you would like to deposit to and the currency of the deposit. Your notice will be generated automatically.
  2. Transfer funds from your personal bank account to our company bank account.

Payment Details:

For Transfers through Our Accounts at AS Expobank, AfrAsia Bank:
"The payment for the replenishment of account ******, invoice *****, dd **/**/****."

  1. You can check the status of your transfer in the "Fund Transfer History" section of myAlpari. The status "Processing" means that your request has been accepted.
  2. After you see the status "Successful", log in to your trading platform to confirm that the funds have been posted to your account.

If your transfer has not been posted to your account within 3 business days, please ask your bank for a SWIFT copy confirming that your funds have been transferred from your bank account. Send it to our Payments Department and we will conduct an inquiry into the matter.

Important Information

Please read through the following information before making a deposit:

  • Check carefully the commission charged for the transfer. Your bank may not notify you of additional commissions incurred though use of a correspondent bank.
  • Alpari International reserves the right to reject a deposit to your Alpari International account if you have not provided a signed application to open an account and a copy of your passport/ID, if the purpose of payment does not correspond with the invoice (payment details) or if the funds have been transferred on behalf of a third party. In these cases, Alpari International will be forced to return the funds to the bank account from which they were transferred. All costs incurred will be at the expense of the client.
  • Transfers from third parties are not accepted. Funds that are not accepted are returned to the sender.

Terms and Conditions

Processing Time:

Your transfer request should be processed within 2–3 business days of the time your funds were sent from your account.


  • AfrAsia Bank: Your bank's commission
  • AS Expobank: Your bank's commission

Required Documents

In order to make a payment, you must provide the Payments Department with the following documents:

For Individuals: A signed Client Registration Form and a copy of your passport.

You may send your documents by fax, by mail or upload scanned copies to myAlpari.

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