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FAQ about deposits with Credit or Debit Cards


  1. Go to the "Transfer Funds" section of myAlpari, and complete the requested fields to make a transfer.
  2. Once you have confirmed the details, click "Transfer Funds". After that, you will be taken to the page of the processing center. Fill in the remaining details and click "Submit".
  3. After you enter your credit/debit card information, a check will automatically be run to determine if your card has been activated in either the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode program.
  4. Go to your "Fund Transfer History" in myAlpari to check the status of your payment. The status "Processing" means that your request has been accepted. After you see the status "Successful", log in to your trading platform to confirm that the funds have been posted to your account.

Important Information

Please read through the following information before making a deposit:

  • You may only fund your account using your own credit/debit card.
  • Funds transferred via card are placed in a separate, secure transitory account which is opened automatically in USD / EUR depending upon the currency used in the transfer.
  • After making a deposit with a card, the funds can only be transferred to another of your accounts in myAlpari or to a bank account in your name.
  • Transfers from third parties are not accepted. In this case, the funds are returned to the bank account from which they were sent.

Terms and Conditions

Processing Time:

Your funds should clear a few hours after you send them. In some cases the processing center may make an inquiry into your payment which will delay the transfer time. You can help speed the process if you follow the instructions from the processing center carefully when you use your card.


2.95% + 0.25 USD / EUR

Required Documents

In order to make a payment, you must provide the Payments Department with:

  • A copy (a scan or a photo) of your passport.
  • A copy (a scan or a photo) of the front and reverse of the card. On the front, the cardholder name, the "valid" date of the card, the name of the issuing bank and the first 6, and last 4 digits of the card number must be visible. The remaining digits should be hidden. On the reverse side, the signature must be visible, but please cover the CVC2 / CVV2 code. See the example.
  • If the card is a prepaid or virtual card and does not bear your name, then you must send the payment department a copy of the official letter from the issuing bank confirming that you are the cardholder. The document must contain the card number, your full name and bear the stamp of the bank that issued the card.

If you use more than one card to transfer funds, please provide a scanned copy of each card.

The documents should be scanned and sent to our Payments Department by uploading them in myAlpari, or by email.

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